Don’t just get a lawyer. Get a resolution.

There’s more than one way to resolve your dispute. First, there’s the easy way – the resolution with the lowest financial and emotional cost to you. The one that takes the least time. The one that results in the least confrontation and has the lowest potential for bad press and damaging PR.

And then, there’s every other way.

Funkey Law and Mediation Center resolves disputes. As both a licensed attorney in the state of Illinois and a certified mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution, founding partner Michael Funkey is uniquely equipped to resolve your dispute the best way. If that means litigation, you’ll have a lawyer. If your situation is ripe for mediation, you’ll have a lawyer trained in mediation to represent you in the mediation or to be chosen as the mediator in your dispute.

Michael has an instinct for disputes – and more than 40 years of experience practicing law. He can listen to you. He can spot the key you’ll need to reach a resolution in the best way possible. And he can take you there.


FLMC advises and represents both corporations and private individuals in mainly Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall and DeKalb counties. If you’re ready to meet Michael, email us a brief summary of your dispute. We’ll be in touch to learn more.

Mediate or litigate?

There are two ways to resolve a legal dispute: Mediation and litigation.

While litigation involves courts and judges, mediation is voluntary. It offers more controlled outcomes, and it’s usually faster – but it’s not for every situation.