Following the court process

Litigation doesn’t happen nearly as often as mediation—but there are times when it is inevitable. Even if your dispute will be settled through the court process, it’s an advantage to have a lawyer on your side who has experience in other settlement techniques in addition to litigation and trial experience.

In more than 40 years as an attorney, Michael Funkey has represented many different clients in many different types of cases. Whether your litigation is best resolved at trial or in an out-of-court settlement, as most litigation cases are, Michael has the experience and broad knowledge of the law to see you through successfully. It’s that experience that is necessary to properly evaluate your case and advise you if a particular offer to settle is fair. Experience is important to counsel parties on the alternatives presented by an offer to settle.

He also has the wisdom to recognize when you’d be better served elsewhere. FLMC maintains a vast network of legal connections for just this reason. If we feel there is a better way or firm with better experience, we won’t hesitate to refer you to the perfect firm for the perfect fit.

To get started, email FLMC a brief summary of your dispute. We’ll contact you personally to learn more.

FLMC can litigate your dispute in:

  • Civil litigation
  • Family law
  • Dissolution of marriage, divorce
  • Child support and modification of child support
  • Maintenance and modification of maintenance
  • Alimony
  • Termination of child support
  • Enforcement of payment of child support
  • Termination of maintenance
  • Enforcement of payment of maintenance
  • Collection of maintenance
  • Trial of contested litigation both as plaintiff and defendant
  • Personal injury
  • Injury cases
  • Automobile cases
  • Automobile injury cases
  • Insurance defense
  • Serious injury cases
  • Nursing home cases
  • Wrongful death
  • Real estate title examination and litigation
  • Criminal defense
  • Residential and commercial real estate transactions
  • Chancery matters
  • Municipal law
  • Enforcement of rights in intellectual property
  • Right to visitation
  • Visitation rights and enforcement of visitation rights
  • Father’s visitation rights
  • Division of property
  • Division of pension rights
  • Child custody
  • Contested custody
  • Copyright infringement
  • Special Education
  • Guardian ad litem
  • Specific performance of real estate sales contracts
  • Foreclosure – both lender and debtor